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Possible Limit on the Use of “Common Sense” to Invalidate a Patent Claim for Obviousness Based on a Single Reference

The law regarding obviousness, like a pendulum, has swung over time between favorable to unfavorable positions depending upon one’s perspective.  …

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Electric Car

New Apple patent Paves the Way for Passive Alignment and Charging Technology

Recently issued Apple patent utilizing passive alignment technology for charging an electric car that does not require human initiation illustrates …

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Court COVID-19 Requirements

2021 Patent Litigation Trials in the Western District of Texas

By Vincent J. Allen. It is no secret that the Waco Division of the Western District of Texas is the …

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Dallas County Line Matters
Dallas County

The Dallas County Line Matters in Texas Patent Litigation

One of the finer points of practicing patent litigation in Texas, which is home to four federal judicial districts, is …

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Design protection

Pirates Beware: Amazon Patent Aims to Sink Shipments of Counterfeit Products

Gone are the days of pirate ships bristling with cannons and chests of stolen treasure.  Modern pirates operate computers, and …

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Patent Infringement

Fee Structures for Managing Patent Litigation Costs

There’s no way around it: patent litigation costs can come as a surprise to those who have not been involved …

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