CSS Ready Classes

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As we build your site, we are adding some new pre-defined CSS styles, called “Ready Classes”. Using these pre-defined CSS classes, you can easily create more quickly and easily create consistent design pieces across various parts and pages of your site.

Essentially, Ready Classes are class names that you can add to the parent element surrounding a design element to take advantage of pre-defined styles included in the default CSS stylesheet.  For instance, you can give a button a class of “roundButton” to get this rounded, red button that is used throughout the site.  By simply creating a button and giving that style to it, the text color, the background color, the rounded edges, etc. will all be given to it automatically.

You can use the below classes to create consistency across the site (for instance, matching buttons across the site). 


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Button Classes

Here are a few ready classes that we’ve created specific to styling buttons. 

Inverse Buttons are similar to the others, except there is no background to the image, so it takes the background color (or image, etc) of whatever is behind the button.

Row Classes


You can easily create a red row like this by assigning the class “redRow”.

You can easily create a black row like this by assigning the class “blackRow”.

You can easily create a gray row like this by assigning the class “grayRow”.