Alice Corp. and an “Abstract Idea”

In the recent Alice Corp. v. CLS opinion, the Supreme Court described a two-part “framework,” for making such a distinction between patents that claim the building blocks of human ingenuity and those that integrate the blocks into something more: Determine whether the claim(s) at issue are directed to a patent-ineligible concept, (is it an abstract idea?) and if […]

IP Trends We’ll Be Following in the Coming Year

As we transition in to a new year, we re-focus our efforts in certain trends in the area of intellectual property law.  Four trends are briefly discussed below. Data Privacy and Protection Big Data Growth and Use Post-Grant Patent Review via IPR Patent Subject Matter Eligibility after Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank  Data Privacy and […]

Patent Eligibility after Alice v. CLS Bank

The U.S. Supreme Court recently issued its decision in Alice v. CLS Bank regarding the patentability of computer-implemented financial and other business methods.  The Court held that patents that attempt to claim simply an “abstract idea” implemented on a general purpose computer are not valid.  Although this is not actually a change in the law, […]